140 publications signed with Google after framework agreements

The search engine is still in negotiations with the federations of the specialized information press and press agencies.

Some 140 publications have so far signed compensation contracts with Google underneighboring rightscopyright in application of the framework agreements concluded in recent months with two structures representing daily newspapers and magazines, the web giant told AFP on Monday.

Rights related to copyright were established for digital platforms in 2019 by a European directive. They allow newspapers, magazines or press agencies to be paid when their content is reused on the internet by giants like Google, whose search engine displays press extracts in its results pages.

As such, the American web giant signed a framework agreement in March with the Alliance for general information press (Apig, which brings together nearly 300 national, regional and local daily press titles), then in April with the Syndicate of magazine press publishers (SEPM, which represents 80 publishers for more than 400 titles).

Confidential amounts

Under these framework agreements,about 140 postshave signed the compensation offers made by Google to date, Google France told AFP. This represents more than half of the titles of these two structures eligible for neighboring rights because they have a website.

The framework agreement defines the parameters and then, we concretely sign the contracts publication by publication“recalled Google France, relying on the fact that other signatures would intervene in”the coming weeks“. Apig and SEPMrepresent about two thirds of the audience and press cards in France“, we added.

In addition to these two framework agreements, Google signed an agreement with Agence France-Presse (AFP) in November 2021, as well as other individual agreements with newspapers, such as Le Monde, which represent approximately “About tenof titles. All amounts are confidential.

The web giant said it was negotiating with two other representative structures, the FNPS (National Federation of Specialized Information Press) and the FFAP (French Federation of News Agencies). Google also hopes to sign with other individual players, including broadcast media news sites.

The implementation of these rights stems from a tough battle, as the principle was opposed by the giants of the net, including Google in particular. In July 2021, the Autorité de la concurrence had fined Google 500 million euros for not having negotiated “in good faith» with press publishers.

The rest of the procedure still in progress before the Competition Authority could soon be resolved if the latter validates a list of commitments made by Google vis-à-vis the press.


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