1992-2022: Pool Technologie celebrates 30 years at the service of pool professionals

In 1992, Jean Noble and Claude Salem combined their commercial and technical skills to create Pool Technologie, around a single ambition: to participate in the revolution that was to be sparked by the automation of water treatment in swimming pools. In 2022, it is therefore its 30e anniversary that the company is celebrating!

30 years of innovation in swimming pool water treatment

30 years of innovation has enabled the company to offer the best water treatment technologies to its customers: salt electrolysis, pH regulation, chlorine dosing, UV/Ultra Low Salt hybrid®.
30 years that the manufacturer has pursued a process of progress to offer ever more competitive reliable solutions, without compromising on the quality or performance of the products.
30 years that Pool Technologie has been listening to its customers to provide them with impeccable service – follow-up, after-sales service, training, technical support, road show – synonymous with satisfaction for the end consumer.
30 years that the French industrialist has been concerned with its environmental impact: selection of local service providers, recycled and more easily recyclable products, less energy-intensive technology, reduced consumption of chemical products, respect for bathers, products without planned obsolescence… A major challenge on which the SME does not compromise!
30 years that the success story lasts. This success bears the seal of each employee, past or present, but also of the trust shown by all the partners, both in good times and in the most complicated.

And for the next 30 years? Pool Technologie has taken a new step by joining Nextpool Group! NextPool and Pool Technologie: the marriage that makes sense. With this merger, the leader in salt electrolysis reaffirms its status as a committed French specialist and gives itself the means to continue to support its customers while offering them ever more innovative and environmentally friendly products.

Discover the intervention of Philippe Grard, former president of Pool Technology, interviewed for our video diary published on June 23, 2022.

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