20 million euros to democratize electrical retrofitting

Aymeric Libeau, director of Transition-One

We “retrofit”. We convert small thermal cars into modern cars. They are electric, connected and affordable.

On this car, the gasoline or diesel engine is removed and replaced with an electric motor, controller and batteries. And the car becomes 100% electric.

The customer who comes with his car, it will cost him from 5,000 euros, aid deducted, to convert his car.

Christophe Rougié, retrofit user

State aid is decisive in my choice. It simply allowed me to transform this vehicle at a lower cost.

Aymeric Libeau, director of Transition-One

We used the mouth of the tank. We will have a charger that we will be able to plug into the household electrical outlet or into a charging station to charge the car.

Going in this process of transformation into an electric vehicle is an ecological gesture for the planet. “Retrofitting” your car means saving a tonne of CO2 for ten thousand kilometres. We have to change things now. And all of us, each individually, we must be able to act.


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