3D Mark is enriched with a test to evaluate Intel’s XeSS technology

The display quality and performance of Intel’s Super Sampling Technology can now be tested with a new benchmark in the 3D Mark application.

The publisher UL Solutions is well known to gamers and geeks for its two main benchmarks, which you absolutely must use if you want to evaluate the performance of your system (PC Mark), or – more specifically – of your graphics card. For the latter, the 3D Mark application includes a battery of tests, in DirectX 11 or DirectX 12, on PC, in Full HD (Time Spy) or in 4K (Time Spy Extreme). It even includes a specific test to evaluate the Ray Tracing performance of Nvidia’s RTX processors (Port Royal).

Today, a new test has just been added to 3D Mark (Advanced Edition or Professional Edition), which can be downloaded from UL’s site or Steam. This makes it possible to compare the images generated with TAA antialiasing, in different resolutions, with those obtained with Intel’s XeSS technology. It also allows you to see the impact of this technology on performance.

3D Mark tests Intel's XeSS
3D Mark tests Intel's XeSS

Remember that the XeSS technology (Xe Super Sampling, or Xe super sampling) is an image scaling technology based on artificial intelligence. It provides 4K graphics quality at a GPU performance level equivalent to that needed to generate 1080p images. No more need for the GPU to calculate images directly in 4K, with TAA-type antialiasing. This technology can be activated in a number of games that will undoubtedly grow over time (such as Shadow Of The Tomb Raider). It offers several modes, depending on whether you want to favor performance (high scaling of 300%), or display quality (low scaling of 130%).

XeSS technology is open source. It is therefore not exclusive to Intel Arc processors, but also works with AMD and Nvidia chips. In this, its philosophy is therefore closer to that of AMD and its upscaling technology, called FSR, than to that of Nvidia, DLSS, which – let us remember – only works with RTX GPUs that integrate Tensor cores .

3D Mark’s XeSS Technology Benchmark Module is free to download for users who purchased the benchmark after January 8, 2019. It works with Arc GPUs from Intel, as well as Radeon graphics chips from AMD and Nvidia’s GeForces.

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