64 positions in the chemical activity will be eliminated in the Loiret, according to the CFDT

A new restructuring plan getting ready at servant. The pharmaceutical group will make it official this week, it concerns the chemistry branch of the group (CMC, Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control). According to the CFDT union, the two Loire Valley sites in Orléans and Gidy will be affected: in total 64 positions should be deleted there in the context of a collective contractual termination – a voluntary departure procedure which makes it possible to avoid dismissals.

14 positions threatened in Gidy, 50 in Orléans

This announcement will come asanother restructuring plan is already underway : already in February, we learned of the elimination of 150 positions at Servier in the Loiret, all transferred to the future site of Saclay, in the Essonne, which will bring together all the research and development activities of the pharmaceutical group – the transfer is planned over six weeks, between March 1 and April 15, 2023. Those who refused the transfer are subject to a PSE (Job safeguard plan), which has elsewhere was challenged by the Regional Directorate of Labor, and, last July, by the administrative court of Orleans.

This time, it is therefore the chemical branch of the group which is being restructured – but it is of course closely linked to the research and development activity. Qother sites in France are concerned: the Servier International Research Institute in Paris, Oril Industrie in Bolbec (Seine-et-Maritime) and therefore the two Loire Valley sites. According to the CFDT, 14 positions will be eliminated in Gidy and 50 in Orléans.

What future for the Servier Technology branch in Orléans?

Figures that refuses to confirm, for the moment, the direction of Servier. “Reflections on the evolution of the CMC branch are under studyExplain a spokesperson for the pharmaceutical group, they will be presented to the social partners in the various extraordinary CSEs of the sites concerned by Thursday, September 15 – it will be Tuesday in Orléans.“But to indicate that”Servier must indeed continue its transformation, whose emblematic project is the future site of Saclay, for which we are investing 377 million euros, with the ambition of releasing a new molecule every 3 years, in order to enrich our portfolio of candidates. -medications.

This new restructuring plan will ultimately weaken the Orléans site, called Technologie Servier, and located Rue Eugene Vignat – historical place for the group, since it is there that Jacques Servier had created his first laboratory in 1954. On January 1, there were 270 employees at Technologie Servier : there will soon be only 140 left (50 positions cut in the chemical branch + 80 positions cut in the research and development branch). In total, therefore, almost half of the workforce will leave Orléans – “which inevitably raises the question of the sustainability of the site, in the more or less long term“, worries the CFDT. The Gidy site employs around 800 people.

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