9 tips for losing your bun without sport

When looking to find a flat stomach, the first thing to know: not all diets are necessarily well targeted with a hot and hot belly mission in mind! And sometimes, it’s not enough just to restrict yourself at all costs, to eat only green salad and to kill yourself in the gym to melt and regain your slim waist. When you don’t know where to start, you’re too lazy to put on your international jogger sneakers and you don’t know what to eat, we thought we had to make an inventory of our 9 tips favorite nutritional products of the moment and which fit perfectly with the mood of this cozy and cozy season. The appointment ? No sport but only well-thought tricks to find a dream silhouette without too much effort! Let it be said, we all peel, we crave warmth, healthy treats and comforting detox drinks so we put our summer slimming diets in the closet and follow these 9 commandments towards the most flat stomach. hottie from all over the hemisphere, yass!

Herbal teas, cooked vegetables and exotic spices… We love it, we love it!

From morning to evening, we have concocted our little guide to flat stomach slimming! Between ginger herbal tea and frosted lemon drink, it’s up to you to choose your favorite flat stomach mission elixir. For the lunch break? We avoid dishes that are too salty and we focus on legumes where spices are queens. Unfortunately, exit the dairy products whose lactose makes you swell, we put on fruit compote or raw to chew or why not 0% dairy formulas for a super cool and ultra fresh snack break. At dinner ? No raw vegetables or salads at the rendezvous, we play the card of vegetables cooked in the pan with a drizzle of olive oil or why not steamed vegetables even less caloric!! And in all this, the great commandment to follow? Take your time, eating is a pleasure not a marathon!

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