a first autochthonous case of arbovirus reported after a mosquito bite

This time, the report, which dates from October 7 in Biscarrosse in the Landes, concerns a person who has not left the metropolis in the fifteen days preceding the first symptoms. Which means, in other words, that the bite took place in the area. The virus in question has not yet been identified and the ARS specifies that additional analyzes are in progress. The patient had flu-like symptoms and is doing well. The competent authorities are now looking for other possible cases, the disease being able to declare itself four to seven days after the bite.

Pending the continuation of these investigations, mosquito control operations will take place in seven sectors, four in the Landes and three in Gironde, on the night of October 21 to 22. They will concern the municipalities of Biscarrosse, Parentis-en-Born, in the Landes, Bordeaux, Le Bouscat, Le Pian-M├ędoc in Gironde, areas frequented by the patient, and will be carried out by the company Altopicus, a specialist in the field. The inhabitants will be informed via flyers, distributed in their mailboxes, stipulates the Regional Health Agency.

Previous cases

On September 20, a report by Public Health France showed that autochthonous cases of dengue fever, one of the arboviruses transmitted by the tiger mosquito, had reached a record level this year in metropolitan France (47 reported).

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