A first confirmed case of monkeypox in Guadeloupe

The Regional Health Agency (ARS) informs, this Monday, July 25, of the discovery of a first confirmed case of Monkeypox (commonly called monkeypox) in Guadeloupe.

Monkeypox was diagnosed in a person residing in Guadeloupe. This is a person returning from France and contact of a confirmed case in Ile de France told us, this Monday (July 25), the Regional Health Agency of Guadeloupe.

The patient was taken care of and is being medically monitored. He shows no signs of seriousness. He was placed in isolation at home as soon as the very first clinical signs suggestive of this disease appeared.

The ARS and Santé Publique France are continuing useful epidemiological investigations to limit the risks of dissemination to those around them.

A first case residing in Ile de France was detected at the beginning of July. This person who had respected strict isolation upon arrival under the supervision of a health professional parent has since left Guadeloupe.

Recommendations in case of risk exposure

As soon as symptoms suggestive of infection by the Monkeypox virus appear, you are asked to isolate yourself and contact the 15 who will direct you to a medical consultation.

Opening of preventive vaccination

People most at risk of contracting monkeypox can now benefit from preventive vaccination by appointment by calling:

– 0590 89 16 53 (day hospital of the infectious diseases department of the CHU)

– 0590 91 24 52 (CeGIDD of the CHU of Guadeloupe)

– 0590 52 26 74 (CeGIDD of CH Saint-Martin) or send an email ([email protected])


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