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The Regional Health Agency (ARS) informs, this Friday, July 15, of the discovery of a first confirmed case of Monkeypox (commonly called monkey pox) in Martinique.

An adult person with mild symptoms, compatible with an infection with the Monkeypox virus, was taken care of a few days ago, indicates, this Friday, July 15, the Regional Health Agency of Martinique. He is a resident “with the notion of traveling to a region where the virus is circulating”.

This person was immediately placed in solitary confinement at his home. To date, the patient’s state of health does not show any signs of seriousness. The Martinique ARS and the France Antilles public health team, in conjunction with the doctor who treated this person, quickly began the investigations in order to trace this patient’s chain of contacts as quickly as possible and were able to establish the absence of close contact since his return to the territory.

Recommendations in case of risk exposure

As soon as symptoms suggestive of infection by the Monkeypox virus appear, you are asked to isolate yourself and contact the 15 who will direct you to a medical consultation.

Opening of preventive vaccination

Faced with the spread of the Monkeypox virus (monkey pox), the High Authority for Health, seized by the Directorate General for Health, recommended in its opinion of July 7, 2022 that preventive vaccination be offered to the most exposed groups of people. to the virus. This vaccine offer also extends to Martinique. To find out more about the dedicated vaccination centre: https://www.martinique.ars.sante.fr/monkeypox-ouverture-de-la-vaccinationcontre-la-variole-du-singe-en-martinique


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