a new contract teacher talks about his return to school

The start of the new school year seems successful for Benoît, who intends to aim for the competition next spring to become a permanent technology teacher.

The start of the school year was marked by the use of some 4,500 contract workers to deal with the shortage of teachers. Among them, Benoît, holder of a bac+5 in management, who previously worked at the RATP. Since September, he has been teaching economics and law in a high school in Val-de-Marne.

“I feel perfectly well, perfectly fulfilled. I have a lot more recognition than in my jobs before,” he confides at the microphone of BFMTV.

“When I come home, I’m knocked out”

It has now been a month since he made his mark. And we had to make some adjustments to the methods. “By dint of going too fast, there were some students who did not understand, so we asked him to do his lesson differently”, explains Sargine, a final year student in STMG.

“He has set rules to keep us on our toes,” adds Yanis, his classmate.

An exciting mission for Benoît, but which requires good physical condition. “When I do five or six hours of lessons, I come home, I’m knocked out, but it’s still the beginning, I need time to adapt,” admits the contractor.

Competition objective

But for his colleagues, no doubt. “I have good feedback from the students, they appreciate his way of doing things… he simply does his job well,” says Yosr Zerzeri, professor of economics and management in this establishment.

A successful return to school for Benoît, who intends to take the competition next spring to become a technology teacher.

Camille Martin, Marjorie Marcillac with Salome Robles

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