A new generation robot at the Bénigne Joly clinic in Talant

The “da Vinci X” robot has been installed at the Bénigne Joly clinic in Talant

Credit: Photo VYV3Burgundy

Manufactured in Silicon Valley, California, this cutting-edge technology crossed the Atlantic before arriving in Talant in September 2022 at the Clinique Bénigne Joly. Its reception, eagerly awaited by all the teams and in particular by the surgeons and personnel of the operating theaters, has been the subject of all attention given its unique and exceptional character: an unprecedented technological innovation which is revolutionizing the surgical environment, d a value of almost 1 million euros. An investment that the clinic chose to make in 2013, by acquiring its “Si” version, with the aim of offering its patients an alternative to traditional surgery: minimally invasive robotic surgery.

Surgery with robotic assistance

The da Vinci Surgical System from Intuitive Surgical Inc. allows surgeons to operate minimally invasively through a few small incisions and an ergonomic console located close to the operating field. The da Vinci® System features a magnifying 3D HD vision system and tiny, articulated instruments that pivot beyond the human hand. Using this technology, da Vinci allows surgeons to operate with improved vision, precision and control.

The X version, the latest generation of surgical robot

The “X” version of the Robot offers about 30% new features compared to the “Si” version used at the Clinique Bénigne Joly since 2013. Among them, for example, integrated fluorescence to “mark” the vascularization in fluorescent green color and thus facilitate the work of the surgeons, time saving in setting up the robot and in particular the installation of instruments on the four arms, extreme precision of the robot which reproduces the gestures of the surgeon with even greater finesse, screen feedback with a very high quality three-dimensional (3D) viewer and the ability to zoom the image up to 40 times.

A center of expertise at the Clinique Bénigne Joly

In September 2013, the Clinique Mutualiste Bénigne Joly was the first establishment in Burgundy to be equipped with a surgical robot. Since this acquisition, the surgical team has carried out more than 1,900 procedures with the robot, mainly for urological, visceral, digestive and obesity surgeries. It will therefore pass the milestone of 2000 interventions with version X and remains to this day the only private establishment to have a robot in Côte-d’Or.

Over the years, the clinic has regularly distinguished itself in the top rankings of the best clinics in France* for obesity surgeries or prostate cancer surgeries (adenoma), mainly performed with robotic assistance. (*Supplements to “Le Point” magazine for the best hospitals and clinics in France and special hospital supplement to “Figaro Magazine”.) Today, six surgeons at the Clinique Bénigne Joly regularly perform robotic assistance procedures. These practices, which are revolutionizing the surgical environment, required several months of training for everyone on this new tool, as well as for their teams (each intervention with the robot requires an instrumentalist/circulator and two nurses in the room). New training sessions on the new robot will be carried out to understand the new features of version X.


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