A price hike for Tesla’s autonomous FSD Beta technology

Technology Full Self Driving (for fully autonomous driving or FSD) from Tesla continues to generate enormous controversy due to its high price, bugs and inability to truly make a vehicle self-driving. In fact, the FSD technology – still at the Beta stage – remains a level 2 driver assistance system, according to the autonomous driving scales of the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). Even so, Tesla is pushing ahead with a hike in the price of the technology.

Starting September 5, 2022, the FSD technology will be enhanced with several improvements thanks to the 10.69.2 update, in particular during an “unprotected” left turn. According to Elon Musk, this update includes several alterations to the software programming and underlines a “big step forward”.

These promises are obviously intended to justify the sudden increase in the price of the technology, which is already retailing at US$12,000 (12,800 CAD), in addition to the purchase of a Tesla vehicle. However, starting September 5, the FSD technology will cost an additional US$3,000. As of this writing, only US pricing has been announced at US$15,000. The Canadian price will be announced shortly.

Despite the fine promises of Tesla and Mr. Musk, some users – who had early access to FSD technology – have already witnessed alarming bugs on certain web platforms, such as YouTube and Twitter. A user expressed his displeasure because Tela put so much emphasis on a left turn when the technology already included several anomalies beforehand.

Elon Musk himself reacted to this user by telling him outright that you have no right to complain when you try a product that is at the Beta stage.

In a video published by YouTuber Chuck Cook, we see that even if the famous left turn has been considerably improved in its precision and level of safety, it continues to show shortcomings, such as engaging in a left turn even when a vehicle is coming from the opposite direction.

Tesla and Elon Musk continue to defend themselves by saying that this is a product that is in Beta stage, that is, it is still experimental and several problems must be corrected. Tesla also emphasizes in its terms of use that driver attention is still required when activating the technology.

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