A rally outside Dolto College in L’Aigle following Pap NDiaye’s announcements

On the banners the demands of the teachers ©Le Réveil Normand

On Tuesday, January 17th, at the request of the FSU, a meeting day was organized on the subject of working conditions in the National Education System and the reassessment of wages. Before that, a rally was organized Dolto middle school from The Eagle (Orne), “The trigger for this action was the announcements made by Pap Ndiaye,” explains Sophie Leroux, Orne Department Secretary of the SNES-FSU.

Among the announcements made by the Minister of National Education on January 12, one particularly excited the teaching community. “To solve the difficulties of sixth-grade students who do not have the level when they arrive, school teachers will intervene in colleges one hour a week,” it develops Sophie Leroux.

“We’re going upside down”

problem ? This refresher lesson will come at the expense of technology classes, which will disappear from sixth grade programs.

Elementary school teachers would also meet at the college for support, “as they had nothing to do at their facility and we did not attend to the difficulties of the students”. The SNES-FSU department secretary acknowledges a level problem, “27% of students enter college with no level”.

An hour a week to fix the problem is cheating.

Sophie Leroux, Orne Department Secretary of the SNES-FSU

This elimination of technology lessons for sixth graders will happen at the expense of the teachers, “our colleagues will lose hours. You will find yourself in a common position, positions will be deleted”.

A suppression of the substance, although “we are asked to emphasize the technical professions”. A “really scandalous” situation that brought a small together thirty people outside Dolto College during the rally.

A situation that worries Sébastien, the only technical teacher at the university.

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This reform serves to disguise a budgetary choice for technology, which consists in alleviating the difficulties of hiring.

Sébastien, technical teacher at Dolto

A decision that, in his opinion, “goes against what is required of teachers in this subject, namely to promote technology because companies are fighting for young people in their fields. We go on the head”.

The teacher readily acknowledges that the students need Help in mastering the language and in mastering mathematical concepts, “but they also need the cultural openness of the discipline that sparks their interest and motivation”.

120 jobs will be cut at the beginning of the 2023 school year

In addition to this announcement, the Removal of Posts announced also makes teachers jump up.

At the start of the 2023 school year, 480 national secondary school positions were eliminated. Normandy alone absorbs a quarter, i.e. 120 jobs.

Sophie Leroux, Orne Department Secretary of the SNES-FSU

Pending deletions are a problem even with class sizes. “We’re 28 in sixth place, but in fifth, fourth and third place we drop to 30. The working conditions and the supervision of the students are very complicated.”

These working conditions prompt the union to advocate for a salary increase. “Teachers in France are among the lowest paid in all of Europe” with “the most difficult working conditions”.

students without a teacher

Sophie Leroux, who is also a teacher at Françoise Dolto College in addition to being the department secretary of the SNES-FSU, is upset by the lack of replacements in certain subjects. “For example, at Dolto College, since the start of the 2022 school year, we have had 7 unreplaced weeks in modern letters for third graders. In engineering, sixth graders lost 13 weeks.

Today several feelings bring teachers together: “We are angry, we have had enough. We are absolutely upset, it’s a shame. The question arises: “Are we waiting to keep our knees on the ground like the healthcare sector? asks Sophie Leroux.

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