A safari in Tanzania thanks to technology

TRAINING. Each school year at the École Centrale de La Tuque takes place under a theme that will guide the educational activities. After space, the stars or goodwill, the 2022-2023 school year revolves around the theme of Safari. In this context, on December 16th, the students of the school were able to experience a safari live from their high school and thus discover the Arusha National Park in Tanzania with the help of a guide.

This unusual activity is the work of English teacher Chantal Duchemin, better known at school as Miss Chantal. Thanks to the Lü system, which transforms the gymnasiums into interactive spaces, the students were able to traverse the Arusha National Park in real time, accompanied by a French-speaking and an English-speaking guide.

The journey started with an 8 minute prep video to ensure students were seeing animals and already recognizing a few words in English. In this video, filmed at the national park a week before D-Day, students are told about the species found in Arusha. “It was very interesting for young and old! ‘ says Miss Chantal.

During the safari, students had a chance to meet a giraffe, buffalo, monkey, orangutan and zebra! “It was great, the only thing that was on the internet connection side, the English teacher laments. Although it wasn’t what I would have liked, the kids loved it and I’m already improving the project so that in a few years it will be a perfect project.”

Share your passion for the African continent

Chantal Duchemin twice had the chance to set foot on the African continent and took the opportunity to climb Kilimanjaro. Since then her passion for Africa has remained unbroken and the teacher wants to share it with her students as much as possible. It was only by chance that his passion and the theme of the school year matched perfectly!

This project, which aimed to open a door to the world for elementary school students, took Ms. Chantal a few months to set up. First she dissected the individual subjects of the Central School in order to link them to Tanzania. In mathematics, for example, it is possible to study the exchange rate or the time difference; in fine arts it can be made into frescoes or craft projects; or in physical education by practicing the national sport.

“I am a full time teacher and there is a time difference with Tanzania so I had to organize it remotely with 8 hours difference! I often got up at 3:30 a.m. to be able to work with the guides there,” reveals Ms. Duchemin. That’s a lot of dedication from the teacher!

In the afternoon, Miss Chantal’s groups even invested their time in creating thank you posters for the safari guides, including illustrations of what they saw and a nice message in English. !

“It’s nice to see that Miss Chantal is a bit scared of technology! Despite everything, she overcame it to share her passion and offer the students a trip. She put her heart into this beautiful project. During the breaks of the following week, the students were still talking about it! She has sown small joys! closes the deputy director of the École Centrale, Marie-Hélène Pedneault.

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