A “serious risk” of an influenza epidemic, warns a specialist

Professor Alain Fischer warns of the upcoming flu epidemic which could be particularly virulent this year for several reasons.

With the arrival of cooler temperatures, viruses will also make a comeback. The flu in mind. The vaccination campaign will start on October 18. And this year again, we must not neglect the threat, while the flu season was particularly virulent in the southern hemisphere. “What happened in Australia is an element of alert, but it is not the only one”, warns Alain Fischer, in the columns of Parisian, this Wednesday, September 28.

Another element that could favor the flu epidemic this year: the relaxation of barrier gestures, after two years of pandemic. “This year, it will be difficult to maintain the same level of protection: masks, distancing, intensive hand washing… Faced with this relaxation, there is a serious risk of an influenza epidemic”, warns the “Mister vaccine” of the government.

As for the probability that Covid-19 and the flu coexist, it remains high, even if for the moment, the extent of the 8th wave remains unknown. “We are not immune to the emergence of a new, more virulent variant. However, a Covid-flu cohabitation is nothing to be pleased about. It is synonymous with a very high number of hospitalizations”, continues the professor of immunology with the Ile-de-France daily.

Hence the need to focus on vaccination campaigns, especially “for the most vulnerable”. “I hope there will be strong warning and promotion campaigns for the two vaccines, starting quickly. It will (…)

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