A state-of-the-art farm

A poultry producer from St-Léon-le-Grand in the Mauricie region who lost a garage, his house and a chicken coop to fires has now had everything rebuilt, including his state-of-the-art livestock building.

This European model will allow him to see and control everything remotely and above all, to save money.

“We will read all the needs of the animals: the temperature, the oxygen, all that and if there is a lack of oxygen, we will accelerate the fans to go faster”, explained the president of Agrinuvo, Jean-Pierre Kneader.

“The user is called on his phone, there are alarm systems to warn him that there are temperature problems, silos that are spilling into the void, a whole bunch of security”, described Benjamin Saint-Pe of Sodalec France.

“It’s a very contemporary installation of control and automation. Our Canadian and Quebec farms are getting bigger and bigger, with more and more capacity,” added the president and owner of Prev Tech Innovation, Pierre-André Meunier.

“I think I will save between 50 and 60% on heating,” said farm owner Yvan Ferron.

The concept is based on animal welfare. The FLOW in more technical terms.

F for food, the food. L for light: lighting.

“With good animal lighting, we will look for animal productivity. Blue Line has built a lighting system that is capable of replenishing solar energy at all times,” explains JPS Electronics’ general manager, Guy Courcelle.

O for oxygen

“Clearly, we will recover the calories of the building. Before putting them outside, we are going to heat up a block that is inside and the new air which will arrive cold, we are going to preheat it before it goes inside and this will also make it possible to reduce the humidity of the building”, detailed the commercial director of the Société Le Roy, Anthony Gobin.

W for water, water and mist.

“A natural product that is mixed in drinking water and thanks to that, we will reduce the impact of medication on livestock,” explained Bastien Gruet of the Ar-Tekh Company.

Poultry producers from all over Quebec are invited to Yvan Ferron’s farm on Saturday to visit the facilities that are unique in Quebec, Canada and even North America.

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