a study reveals a new consequence of this removal of the uterus

Hysterectomy is a surgical operation that consists of removing the uterus, as explained by the National College of French Gynecologists and Obstetricians (CNGOF) on its site. Like any intervention, there may be certain consequences. A recent study, presented at the annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD), which was held from September 19 to 23 in Stockholm (Sweden), was also devoted to the one of them.

According to the researchers, who have not yet made their work public, hysterectomy would increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, especially in young women. To reach this conclusion, they studied the data of more than 80,000 female people for fifteen years. All were followed within the framework of the French study “E3N”, intended to evaluate the risk factors associated with cancer and other “non-communicable diseases”.

“The results of this large French cohort suggest that women who undergo a hysterectomy before the age of 45 have a 52% increased risk of developing incident type 2 diabetes” explains Pr Fabrice Bonnet, endocrinologist at the Center Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) of Rennes and main author of the study, in a press release. He adds that this risk is even higher when “both ovaries are removed” during the operation.

Many factors were analyzed to explain these results. The scientists (…)

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