Adecco launches state-of-the-art training program

The company has invested in three large VR simulators to launch its new mobile training program. The goal? Train forklift drivers and storekeepers to meet the demand of the Belgian market.

Belgium counts 4,000 vacancies drivers and it is becoming more and more difficult for companies to fill them. Although there are many mainstream courses for the large group of potential candidates, Adecco finds that these courses are either not accessible enough or candidates drop out, the courses are not attractive enough.​ This prompted Adecco to develop innovative and quality training.

Michael GeldersAdecco Mobile Training Program Project Manager: “It is not possible for companies to simply empty their warehouses in order to allow future drivers to train there. With virtual simulators, we can simulate many potential risks of incidents and accidents that occur in real life in the field.​ Technology allows us to train people faster and more qualitatively. »

Online theory, practice in VR

Adecco wants to use mobile simulators to prepare 200 forklift operators in the job market in 2022. The interim group is committed to training at least 400 forklift drivers per year from 2023. The candidates follow the theoretical courses digitally at home, then go to the logistics company to master the practice there thanks to simulations of reality.

Jan DekeyserCEO of Adecco BeLux: “The three VR/AR simulators allow companies to fully adapt the courses to the environment in which the candidates will find themselves after their training. Equipped with VR glasses, they immediately find themselves in the warehouse of their future employer. Future drivers, for example, see and feel the load and notice when they hit something. Order pickers discover every corner of the warehouse in which they will subsequently work. In this way, we accelerate the integration of candidate learners into the workplace as soon as the training is finished. »

Adecco has chosen Belgium as the first country to test VR simulators there. Belgium was deliberately chosen because of the labor shortage there. very high and because the Belgian economy is strong in the logistics and transport sectors.

After the pilot project in Belgium, Adecco will further increase the number of simulators and roll out the project globally.

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