after a case of dengue, mosquito control operation this Monday evening in Lormont

The treatment, lasting one hour, will begin from 10 p.m. until the next day (7 a.m. at the latest). Preventive and exceptional, it aims to avoid a chain of local transmission of the disease. The intervention consists of spraying insecticide by a vehicle from the public highway. It will be supplemented, if necessary, by targeted interventions using portable devices in the outdoor spaces of private and public properties. The processing machines are very noisy.

The ARS specifies that the products used are based on a pyrethroid or natural pyrethrins, the same active ingredients as in household mosquito repellent products available in pharmacies and on the market.

The ARs and the City of Lormont remind you of a few recommendations to facilitate the smooth running of the operation: bring in laundry, food or toys located outside, keep animals away or bring them in, cover swimming pools, basins and sandpits. , close the windows facing the public thoroughfare, stay away from processing machinery.

Once the mosquito control operation has been carried out, it will be necessary to rinse the garden furniture, the games for children with clear water and to wait three days to consume the fruits and vegetables from the garden.

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