AI could pinpoint risk of developing heart disease in 60 seconds

British researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system capable of specifying the risk of heart problems in sixty seconds. Called Quartz, this technology scans a person’s eyes to image the veins and arteries of the retina, as reported in a study published on Tuesday in the British Journal of Ophthalmology and picked up by HuffPost and The Guardian.

“This AI tool could allow a person to know in sixty seconds or less their level of risk”, assured the British newspaper Professor Alicja Rudnicka, lead author of the study.

Faster, non-intrusive risk assessment

This technique saves time. There is no need to perform blood tests or check a person’s blood pressure to assess the risk of cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular death and stroke.

Doctors could then adapt treatments according to the aggravating factors already known for a patient. “A person who learns that their risk is higher than expected could be prescribed statins (treatment to treat excess cholesterol in cardiovascular disease) or be offered another intervention,” added Alicja Rudnicka.

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