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Solid-state batteries are a novelty with many advantages: better autonomy, faster charging, longer life… They are about to revolutionize the electric car.

The solid batteriesor solid-state batteries, or Solid State Battery (SSB) in English, are a technology that will contribute to the democratization of electric vehicles in the years to come. The advantages are numerous: they offer more autonomy, and their lifespan can exceed 15 years, which will allow an electric car to be used for a longer period than today.

the recharge time is also greatly improved: some solid-state batteries can indeed be recharged to 80% in just a few minutes, which drastically reduces downtime at a charging station during long journeys. Solid-state batteries also have an environmental advantage, since they carry less heavy metalsand reduce the risk of fire.

Solid batteries: cheaper to produce

Car manufacturers have already invested millions of euros for the development of solid-state batterieswhich will allow them to equip their future electric vehicles at a lower cost.

Indeed, solid-state batteries are cheaper to produce than traditional lithium-ion batteries, and allowcarry more energy in an identical space: thus, they allow manufacturers to offer much better autonomy to their electric cars, without affecting the total weight of the vehicle.

Solid batteries: more energy

At the recent Paris Motor Show, ProLogium Technology showcased its latest solid-state battery technology to the public. Thanks to the use of a silicon anode, these offer a higher energy densitywhich will improve the autonomy of electric cars.

While current batteries rarely embed more than 10% silicon in their anodes, ProLogium Technology has developed a method to manufacture an anode composed of 100% silicon, which makes it possible to double the energy density embedded in its batteries. Still in development, this new technology should be launched between 2025 and 2030.

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Solid batteries: technological challenges

Despite all these advantages, solid-state batteries still come up against a few technological challenges which still prevent them from being marketed on a large scale. For example, solid-state batteries tend to expand too much, and manufacturers must master pressure control to prevent them from exploding.

While manufacturers are already announcing a reduction in the cost of batteries thanks to this new technology, analysts remain cautious on this subject: indeed, the strong demand for metals such as manganese, cobalt, nickel or even iron, could well increase the prices of these raw materials, and therefore ultimately drive up the price of solid-state batteries…

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