ALPHAGREEN: five questions for Ludovic Chevenement

Founded in February 2020, AlphaGreen offers an ecological, connected and mobile technology to decarbonize the current fleet of diesel engines. Ludovic Chevenement, President, talks about the development and operation of his company.

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What is AlphaGreen?

VSt is a project, that of achieving clean motorization by thinking differently, while keeping human value at the heart of our thinking. I started from an observation, the world of transport (fossil fuel motorization) is one of the biggest emitters of GHGs. So I turned to electric, and I quickly realized that this technology solved only a small part of the problem. Electric is suitable for a small city car, but that’s all, you can’t tell a carrier to go electric, not to mention the investment cost, you would need colossal batteries, which would no longer be ecological. In Public and Agricultural Works it is the same. There is hydrogen, but it takes time for the technologies to be mature, marketed, time to replace the fleet, and in addition we have to produce green hydrogen and change all our supply infrastructures. Unfortunately, the climate emergency does not allow us this time.

What to do with old vehicles?

Precisely this was a point of reflection, if tomorrow France finds a miracle solution, we no longer emit GHGs, the current fleet will not disappear with a snap of the fingers, it will be sold for export in Europe East or Africa. It will just continue to pollute, but next to us, and until proven otherwise, we have the same atmosphere. The problem is therefore still not fully resolved. This is why I thought it wise to start by dealing with the source of the problem, that is to say to reduce and limit the emissions of the current fleet, which is global. So I developed a first technology using hydrogen to decarbonize the internal combustion engine fleet.

How does it work?

We do a gas analysis before and after each intervention. We establish a precise diagnosis of the engine in order to adapt the cleaning. We start injecting hydrogen into the engine, just after the air filter. The technicians apply the procedures that I have written and follow the progress of the cleaning in real time with the engine parameters, thanks to the connectivity between our station and the vehicle. We only do bespoke.

What are the advantages of working with AlphaGreen?

The legislative framework is becoming increasingly tough in the face of the climate emergency, such as for public procurement where transport must demonstrate a 55% reduction in emissions by 2030. So I created a support for companies and communities in their energy transition, the “Program By AlphaGreen”. It is divided into several phases: the first is to carry out a precise analysis of the state of the fleet with the potential environmental and economic gains. The second is to establish a 3-year roadmap for N1 / N2 / N3 interventions. Then, we intervene on site and we update a digital platform dedicated to the accompanied entity on which we find the signed support agreement and an action certificate for the environment with the precise volume of CO2 not emitted, carcinogenic particle not emitted etc.

The next step for AlphaGreen?

We want to deploy this technology internationally and at the same time, we are setting up R&D for the second phase of the AlphaGreen project.

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