An electric terminal capable of recharging a vehicle in 5 minutes flat!

Volvo’s parent company Geely has unveiled 600kW supercharging technology that it claims can add 300km of range to electric vehicles in just five minutes.

Currently, only the 01 EV from Geely’s all-electric brand, Zeekr, is said to be able to charge at this speed, thanks to its use of CATL’s latest Qilin ultra-long-range battery.

Volvo’s parent company Geely, which sells electric vehicles in Australia like the Volvo XC40 Recharge, the upcoming C40 and the Polestar 2, has invested heavily in fast-charging technology.

Technology ready for mass production

Electric vehicle owners can now use existing charging stations with an output of 360 kW, but with rapidly improving battery technologies, Geely will use CATL’s latest battery technology in its upcoming electric vehicles.

VREMT compressors are 20% faster in theory, and can add up to 30% more runtime.

As more electric vehicles hit the roads, one way to alleviate range anxiety is to charge electric vehicles faster during busy periods. Faster charging can contribute to better utilization of charging infrastructure and more EV owners can benefit from the time savings.

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