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BASF is currently testing the motionless wind “harvesting” system patented by Aeromine Technologies. The wind turbine requires about 10% of the space occupied by photovoltaic panels and generates energy 24 hours a day.

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A new bladeless wind turbine patented by Aeromine Technologies rises to the challenge of competing with rooftop solar as a local source of clean energy that can be integrated into the built environment. According to the company, this wind turbine “without movement” of modular scale is able to produce 50% more energy than a photovoltaic device for the roof for the same cost.

This technology uses an aerodynamic profile comparable to that of a racing car to capture and amplify the air current specific to each building. The wind turbine requires about 10% of the space occupied by photovoltaic panels and generates energy 24 hours a day. According to Aeromine, unlike traditional wind turbines that are noisy, visually intrusive and dangerous to migrating birds, this patented motionless system is virtually silent.

A typical Aeromine wind turbine consists of 20 to 40 units installed at the edge of a building, facing the prevailing wind direction. The company indicated that the wind turbine, by producing energy in all weather conditions, can minimize the storage capacity necessary to cover the energy needs of a building. Given the small surface it occupies on the roof, the wind turbine can be combined with a solar device on the roof, thus constituting an additional tool for decarbonization and energy independence.

According to Architecture 2030, buildings and the built environment account for nearly 50% of all carbon emissions globally. Building operations contribute about 27% of emissions, while building materials and construction and other uses of energy in the building sector are estimated to account for another 20%. This technology therefore opens up an opportunity to construct buildings more efficiently and adopt innovative technologies to generate electricity without carbon emissions.

“This technology is a game-changer and adds new value to the growing rooftop power generation market as it helps businesses achieve their goals of resilience and sustainability through a renewable energy source. yet untapped, said David Asarnow, CEO of Aeromine. Aeromine’s proprietary technology integrates the performance of wind power into the on-site power generation market by alleviating the historical problems posed by spinning wind turbines and lower yields from solar panels.”

BASF Corporation is currently testing Aeromine’s system at a plant site in Wyandotte, Michigan. The patented technology has been validated through research in partnership with Sandia National Laboratories and Texas Tech University.

Translation provided by Christelle Taureau.

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