And if Google would prepare a tablet to compete with the iPad Pro?

We have known for a few months now that Google is preparing a Pixel tablet for 2023. Several details of the machine were also unveiled last May during Google I/O. It is however possible that another tablet, with a more upscale positioning, is in the boxes.

Patent: Google Pixel tablet

Old patent for new tablet?

A patent dating from 2019 was discovered by our colleagues on the site LetsGoDigital. The sketch that accompanies the document presents a much more modern tablet equipped with an edge-to-edge screen that covers the entire front face. The back is a little curved with a flat central part:

The graphic designer Giuseppe Spinelli made this mouth-watering 3D rendering larger than life. If Google released such a tablet, there is no doubt that it would finally find its audience, provided that a truly suitable version of Android is available at that time.


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