Apple and Google again in the crosshairs of British anti-trust police

The search engine and the firm of Tim Cook are again the target of an investigation by the British regulatory authorities, but this time not about their advertising practices, but about those of their mobile browsers.

Indeed, it is the entire global Apple and Google environment, and more particularly that of the browsers implemented on smartphones, which would be at the origin of a systemic lock and would block any attempt at innovation according to the Competition and Markets Authority then that almost all uses related to internet research are done via mobile.

However, Apple and Google browsers are not only installed as standard, imposing themselves on users, but are also managed by their own engines and block any competing initiative, forcing other browsers to be redirected by these same engines. , which would not allow, according to the CMA, different systems to emerge while allowing Apple to comfortably settle financially by exempting it from investing in alternative solutions that would allow it to adapt to third-party products.

A well-thought-out lockdown to leave no room for competition according to the companies at the initiative of the action.

The trick is complex but very profitable according to the complainants at the origin of the investigation now carried out by the competent British authorities.

Because this situation would ultimately prove to be monopolistic and would allow the two protagonists to capture nearly 90% of the market as well as to lock access to a certain number of other services such as cloud gaming made available to its users.

The objective is quite obvious, and essentially aims to control the gaming sector, which is one of the challenges of the future for Apple and Google, which also receive significant revenue from applications submitted by developers on their respective stores, there too, the object of a certain number of recriminations on the part of the anti-trust authorities.

A way like any other of blocking the market, but above all of preventing any attempt to change the market, by claiming the right to innovation for its sole benefit, according to a certain number of British companies, who intend to put a end to this situation.

If this investigation is carried out and gives results attesting to the monopoly situation exercised by both Google and Apple in this way, it is a safe bet that the CMA will engage in other ways in order to compel them to let your guard down and eventually open the market.

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