Apple VR: iris scanning technology for authentication and payments?

The Information site, usually good sources, claims that the first mixed reality headset fromApple will integrate iris scanning technology to secure the authentication procedure and payments (a kind of Face ID for VR in short). The Information reports that this incredible leak was provided to him by two Apple employees who worked on this XR headset project! This iris scanning technology would also allow several people to use the same headset seamlessly, without the cumbersome multi-account management as proposed by Meta.

Iris scanning is said to be one of the features of eye tracking technology (eye tracking) integrated into the XR helmet, a technology resulting from the work of the startup German SensoMotoric Instruments acquired in 2017 by Apple. Leye tracking of the Apple VR would also be used for the foveal display (graphics computing power is directed towards the area of ​​the display viewed by the user). The Information’s sources reiterate that the “Apple VR” will have 14 cameras (compared to 6 on the Meta Quest Pro and 4 on the Touch Pro controllers). Two of the Apple VR’s cameras will face down and allow leg movement recognition (Meta isn’t there yet, and even tends to embellish the situation).

The design of the helmet would be similar to that of “ski goggles”, with materials such as “mesh fabric, aluminum and glass”. On a strictly aesthetic level, the external cameras of the Apple VR would be less visible than those of the Quest Pro. The Apple headset would also be thinner and lighter than the Quest Pro, which as a reminder still weighs just over 700 grams. It would also be possible to add corrective lenses inside the helmet by simple magnetic contact, a technology already used by VROpticians for the Pico 4 helmet.

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