are our smartphones spying on us?



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J. Bigard, C. Cormery, L. Puech, L. Marques, C. Jeannin-Naltet, N. Berthelot – franceinfo

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When our phone is left behind and we are chatting, does it act without us knowing? Several investigations have looked into the matter.

You may have felt like you were being spied on. For example, when discussing a cooking recipe, you speak seasonal vegetables that go with it. And your phone is not never very far. In the evening, on a social network, surprise: an advertisement for the famous spices you were talking about a few hours earlier. Paranoia or reality ? He Just three years ago, Apple admitted to listening to its customers, but only after activating its voice assistant Siri. To find out if our phone is listening to us without our knowledge, an engineer performs a test, a kind of electrocardiogram of our smartphone, to measure its activity.

When our phone is left behind and we are chatting, does it act without us knowing? The smartphone actually records our whole day. He notes our leisure outings, the music we listen to, the purchases we have made. And of course, the cooking recipes we researched. So much knowledge to better target advertisements against us. European authorities imposed more than a billion euros in fines for breaches of personal data protection last year. The strongest were inflicted on the giant Amazon and the Facebook group.

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