Ariège: he had engraved 1113 vulvas in the rock, the work of a vandalized artist

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An artist from Ariège named Claudius de Cap Blanc saw his work of art, the Jardin du Vulvolithique, which he had been building for fifteen years, being vandalized during the month of October. Problem: he had installed his works on state property. The National Forestry Office gave him notice to remove everything.

Claudius du Cap Blanc is angry. This artist, well known in Ariège, saw his work of fifteen years be degraded during the month of October. “At a place called Bethylac exactly, not far from Picou”, he specifies. A place located on the heights of Prat d’Albis, in the town of Ganac, above Foix. We are about 1500 meters above sea level.

He calls his work the “Vulvolithic Garden”

This set of works of art, Claudius called it the “Garden of the Vulvolithic”. “It’s a place dedicated to the Great Feminine. It existed in the Paleolithic. I only took up what other men had done before me.” In total, Claudius lists in this space 1113 engravings of vulva (or “vulvogravures”), 69 trees (which the ONF translates as “constructions by stacking”), a lighthouse tree (renamed “totem”), a fruit tree lithics with 25 branches supporting 45 vulvian fruits, a small pantheon of Ladies, a monument to the living and a hundred “sentinels”, stones engraved with a vulva on rocks.

1113 vulvas have been engraved by the artist on the rock.

“Certain plaques in the Ladies’ Pantheon are in homage to the feminists of the 19th century Louise Michel and of the Revolution Olympe de Gouges, a native of Montauban (Tarn-et-Garonne), or even Rosa Parks, the famous black woman who refused to give in his seat on a bus to a white man during racial segregation in the United States.” But also the hundred thousand “witches” burned by the Inquisition, the Femen…

Ordered to destroy his buildings

Important problem: the places do not belong to him. “The plot in which you are operating illegally belongs to the private domain of the State, managed by the National Forestry Office (ONF), explains the organization in a formal notice dated July 13, 2022. The constructions and engravings carried out bear harm to the integrity of the natural habitat and constitute a degradation of the property of others. The director of the agency therefore demands that the artist repair the site at his own expense within two months of this letter.

Categorical and written refusal of Claudius. “I do not intend to dismantle, cut, evacuate anything. I am in a completely different register than that of destruction, he asserts. On the contrary, I intend to defend the completeness and integrity of this work for which I claim intellectual property.” Claudius pleads for the installation of warning signs, “as we find at the castles of Roquefixade, Montségur, Miglos, Lagarde or Lordat”. Aware despite everything of the possible lawsuits to which he could be subject, Claudius de Cap Blanc concludes: “I am ready to answer before the law for all that is reproached to me and to defend myself, whatever may be the price.”

Damage observed, a “real rampage”

Unfortunately for our artist, his Vulvolithic Garden has been degraded. “It happened between October 6 and 20. One or more people put white paint on my works, also destroyed the trees I had built. It’s a real rampage!” he takes away. Foresighted, Claudius de Cap Blanc draws his camera to immortalize the misdeeds he has observed, in order to take legal action in this case.

But he becomes disillusioned when he goes to the police station. “The agents refused to take my complaint, since the land does not belong to me. So I decided to drop this route.”

To date, the Claudius buildings have not been moved. But after the two-month period of formal notice from the agency, “the services of the National Forestry Office reserve the possibility of carrying out the restoration of the site at your expense”, explains the letter. The Vulvolithic Garden could therefore live its last days…

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