arrest of suspects of a fraud targeting the French public treasury

The investigation relates to suspicions of “laundering tens of millions of shekels using complex mechanisms” of cryptocurrency.

Several people suspected of being involved in a fraud involving tens of millions of shekels targeting the French Treasury and money laundering using cryptocurrency were arrested in Israel on Monday, local police said. As part of an investigation carried out in cooperation with the French police and Europol, the Israeli police arrested “three main suspects” and “a number of other“, detained for questioning.

The investigation, which relates to suspicions of “laundering tens of millions of shekels using complex mechanismsof cryptocurrency, focuses on a “large-scale fraud targeting the French Treasuryconducted from Israel, according to the police, who did not detail the identity of the suspects.

A “methodical” whitening device

In a statement, the police reported a device “methodicalto launder money, part of which came fromcrimes committed abroad», «using digital currencies on multiple platforms with the objective of hiding the identity of the owners of the money“.

In recent years, several Franco-Israelis have been arrested by the Israeli authorities in cases of fraud. In December 2021, Israel extradited two Franco-Israelis accused of fraud, suspected of having obtained money from companies and private individuals under cover, in particular, of promoting medical research projects linked to Covid-19.

In September 2020, another Franco-Israeli was sentenced in France to seven years in prison for impersonating the former French Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian from wealthy personalities in order to steal dozens of thousands of euros.

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