Artificial intelligence: “It is not the technology that is dangerous, but those who use it” – Rennes

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

Katya Lainé: A set of technologies that imitate humans. They allow machines to understand, perceive, act and learn. Their balance rests on three pillars: the data we give them, the algorithms that process it, and the humans that work behind it.

Katya Lainé is an entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of, a conversational virtual assistant dedicated to businesses. (

Why is ethics important in this field?

It is in everything related to technology. It offers a solid basis for understanding data, algorithms and how to process them so as not to harm humans. An AI is ethical if it is respectful, fair, transparent, loyal, controlled and safe. Poorly prepared data can generate bias. If, to recruit in my company, I create an AI based on the profile of existing employees, and these are only men of a certain age, I end up with a discriminatory bias, a reflection of our society.

The human has not said his last word

Do we need new laws?

The European Commission is preparing a draft regulation of AI. In 2020, we implemented a practical guide to ethical AI. Thus, designers of AI projects will have the right reflexes. There must be an awareness, as for the ecological impact of technologies.

We remember Microsoft’s “chatbot”, which conversed based on online texts and ended up making racist remarks…

It shows the importance of testing and learning from mistakes. It is not the technology that is dangerous, but those who use it. The machine is not capable of thinking. She doesn’t decide what you are going to do.

But social media algorithms determine the content they show to millions of people. Doesn’t that have an impact on their view of the world?

It is not the AI ​​that decides, but the company that has established its ground rules. We must rather speak of business ethics in this case.

What about these chatbots that create a digital double of deceased people, allowing you to “talk” with the deceased?

There will always be drifts, unforeseen uses. How is that different from someone modifying their car to unleash its speed? Opposite, it takes safeguards and common sense.

Do you think an AI could one day surpass human intelligence, become conscious?

I would like. But it’s not for tomorrow.

We also see AI generating press articles. It’s pretty scary from a journalist’s point of view.

Don’t be afraid, the human has not said his last word. Equip yourself with an AI! It will allow you to perform low value-added tasks and you will have more time to focus on your creativity.

By the way, one of these questions was written by an artificial intelligence. Can you find it?

Ah! It could be any…

It was the one about the risk of a robot outperforming humans.

It’s normal: it only reflects the concerns of the humans that we are.

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