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Intelligent aiming technology developed by the Israeli company Smart Shooter will be installed in Hebron on remotely piloted Flash-balls.

A dispersal weapon assisted by artificial intelligence. Developed by the company Smart Shooter, the Smash sight will equip crowd dispersal systems at checkpoints in Hebron, a Palestinian city in the West Bank.

This project unveiled by the Israeli daily Ha’aretz is in the testing phase. It aims to detect crowd movements and shoot very precisely at individuals considered to be most at risk. On the other hand, the projectiles used during the test phase will not be lethal. They won’t even be rubber bullets, but foam bullets, as an Israeli army spokesman told Ha’aretz. He could then throw stun grenades or smoke bombs.

A smart viewfinder

The concern of human rights organizations is that these flash-balls could be coupled with facial recognition cameras already installed on roadblocks in Hebron. Ha’aretz also recalls that Tsahal uses drones capable of targeting an individual detected by artificial intelligence and firing from a distance. Last year the washington post revealed that the Israeli army had set up a database with photos taken by soldiers with smartphones equipped with a technology called Blue Wolf.

Smart Shooter’s technology is not new, although it will be the first time it has been used in law enforcement operations. The Smash sight equips weapons used by the military. These sights would allow any shooter to become a seasoned sniper. Even in situations of extreme fatigue or intense stress. Like fighter jet firing systems, the projectile hits the locked target from a distance. They are used by the Israeli army, but also by the American Marines.

Killer drones

This system also equips land or air drones equipped with assault or precision rifles or anti-tank missile launchers. At Eurosatory, Roboteam, an American manufacturer of tactical robots, unveiled a mini armored vehicle equipped with this remote firing device. Other versions have been developed for Steadicopter unmanned helicopters or quadcopter drones tasked with anti-drone combat.

The use of drones for shooting is being studied in several countries. The Turkish company Asisguard has already developed Songar, a drone armed with a machine gun. The shot is adjusted by cameras and via a laser rangefinder which calculates distance, angle and wind speed. It could be operational in a few months.

France is also working on these new weapons. The DGA unveiled the Avatar program launched by the Defense Innovation Agency (AID). It is a quadcopter drone equipped with an HK-416 assault rifle for human-controlled ranged fire on targets over a hundred meters away.

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