at Ciretec, the industrial accident turns into social damage

At the beginning of October, around twenty Ciretec employees mobilized in front of the factory gates, in Saint-Ay (Loiret), about fifteen kilometers from Orléans. Sound system and whistles in support, they ” making noise “ to warn about their fate: their imminent dismissal and a life that is collapsing. Their employer, which specializes in printed circuits and has been established in this town of three thousand inhabitants since 1985, decided this summer to close most of its activity and cut fifty-three out of seventy jobs, as part of a Social plans.

However, the company is not bankrupt. At the beginning of 2022, its order books were even well filled, with an amount of around 7.5 million euros, the equivalent of its turnover. Ciretec, one of the five entities of the Elvia PCB group, the leading French manufacturer of printed circuits, has cutting-edge know-how, rare in France. The company works for the strategic defense and aerospace sectors. Its printed circuits equip the Rafale and even went on board a probe as far as Mars.

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But on the night of January 30, 2022, everything changed. The business burned down. The premises and the machines were ravaged by the flames. Unable to restart production. With the exception of the maintenance of a small control activity installed in a neighboring premises, the employees were placed on technical unemployment, with the support of the State, within the framework of the partial long-term activity (APLD) . A situation they believed to be temporary, pending the reconstruction of the factory.

“Are we being let down? It’s incomprehensible “

“At first, we trusted them. We really thought they were going to rebuild. But when we saw that they were dragging us out, we started to worry.”, says Jonathan, 43, twenty-two of whom worked for Ciretec. Six months after the fire, the decision finally falls. The management, which has just been refused the renewal of the APLD, announces that it will not rebuild.

Among the employees, the mood oscillates between amazement and anger. “They talk to us about reindustrialisation, we work for the defense sector, we know the current context and we are let down? It’s incomprehensible “says Christelle, a 48-year-old laboratory technician. “And yet our group has the means, with its new shareholder…”

Management is pleased to save seventeen jobs, keeping a small control activity on site

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