At KIKK, technology can be physiological

An unmissable event on the planet, whether geek or not necessarily, the 11th international festival of creative and digital cultures is taking up residence in the Walloon capital, from 27 to 30/10, with a host of activities to discover.

Because if the event has a big Pro component (with a VIP business environment, conferences, demonstrations, parties and even a sensory dinner), for professionals in the sector in Belgium or from all over the world, the KIKK is chic also for the general public, even more if it is family.

The nerve center of the event, the marquee on the Place d’Armes (theCreativeVillage) will notably contain themarket, 1000m2 of showroom accessible free of charge and allowing everyone to go from discovery to discovery, technological jewels in all directions. The market was busy with special attention to children. Nature is well done, they will be on vacation at this time and invited to be the actors of different workshops (PAF: 5 €). Thursday 27at the Creative Village, there will beRemix El Barrioon biomaterials from food waste. Friday 28at the pavilion, place atTech Biotopia, introduction to electronics to connect… a plant (without hurting it). The same day, atCreativeVillagedesign fiction will see to imagining the world of tomorrow. Saturday 29toCreativeVillage, Guillaumit will propose, at the gates of Halloween, to compose augmented reality masks. Playtronica, for its part, will bring the drawings to life! Finally, sunday 30the Delta will host the showThe garden of potinniersthe observation of an imaginary garden and its perpetually evolving microcosm.

Even if it means getting some fresh air – because digital wants to decompartmentalize -, the festival is also renewing its great urban stroll which brought together 30,000 participants in 2021. This year, the KIKK in town will seek out the unusual around the corner, shaking up the benchmarks with some 40 works and interactive performances (a man who turns into a goat to escape the human condition, a data sculpture, etc.) in places as varied as the Delta, the Nave, the Cinex, the Garden Arts Déco but also the Pavilion on the heights of the citadel. Indeed, if the entrance is now paying (5 € for + 16 years), the ticket will give free access to the exhibitionBiotopiain this same pavilion.

In ankle withBiotopia, precisely, the KIKK has found its theme and will bring the Walloon capital into another dimension, suspended. That of the tales of conviviality (Tales of togethernessin English in the title). Where technological progress can send shivers down your spine, even more so when the Covid period has confined millions of earthlings to the virtual and the world of interposed screens, the organizers want to tell and rekindle links and meaning, empathy, our relationships with these tools, with our peers but also with other living beings, to better find our place in this world and meet its pressing, varied and numerous challenges.

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