Atherosclerosis: these 5 signs prove that your arteries are clogged, it’s very dangerous!

The arteries are located around the heart. They allow it to be irrigated properly. However, it happens that the walls of the arteries become covered with lipid. This plaque called ‘Atheroma’ can then harden, thicken and cause many cardiovascular illnesses. Thus, when the arteries begin to clog, their diameter reduces. The risks of blood clots or infarction then increase sharply. To stay on top, learn to fix these five signs that should alarm you.

Severe fatigue may indicate that your arteries are clogged

Indeed, this symptom should get your full attention. This is because diseased arteries can make your breathing slower and less efficient. Worse, while your heart struggles to get enough oxygen, so he will seek to compensate for. So it will start beating harder and harder. Results ? You end up missing all that energy, because even during your hours of sleep, your body is working a lot. Also, when morning comes, you already feel completely exhausted.

Monitor your blood pressure

Clogged arteries do not always lead tohigh blood pressure. But very often, these two problems go hand in hand. Also, this sign should be taken seriously. This pathology can favor cheart laughs and cerebrovascular accidents (CVA).

Arteries: watch out for pain or tightness in the chest

These symptoms remain the most common according to the doctors. Indeed, if your arteries are blocked, a new blood supply can appear at the level of your chest. However, it does not irrigate your heart. This particular condition causes pain or feelings of discomfort. If you notice these signs, contact your doctor as soon as possible. Chest pain can have many causes, but they should not be ignored!

Beware of indigestion!

indigestion is one of the signs that indicate clogged arteries. It results in a burning sensation in the chest. Also, some people confuse indigestion with acid reflux. However, these are two quite distinct problems.

Even if your arteries remain intact, this type of pains can also announce other health problems, at the level of the heart. If this feeling persists after taking medication, be extra careful!

Clogged arteries can lead to erectile dysfunction

This symptom obviously concerns men. Thus, if your arteries are damaged, your blood flow decreases and slows down. Apart from the many impacts it can have on the body, your sexual health may also be affected.

Indeed, the male sexual organ consists of spongy bodies. During erection, the latter are filled with blood. Whether the arteries of the intimate area are blocked, the blood circulates less well. Thus, erectile dysfunctions can therefore occur.

To avoid maximum risks after 40 years, do not hesitate to ask your doctor for help. Also, if you think your arteries are abnormal, you should make an appointment with a cardiologist. This heart specialist can examine you. If necessary, he will make you pass all the necessary examinations. Your heart health must be the subject of all attention, because it is essential.

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