Atos would prepare a “trusted cloud” on AWS technologies

Rumors have been going around for several months… AWS would have found in Atos a French partner to offer a “Cloud of Trust” alternative to the BLUE cloud of Capgemini/Orange/Microsoft and S3NS of Thalès and Google Cloud.

Since the announcements of BLEU Cloud (in Microsoft technology – Office 365 and Azure) and S3NS (in Google Cloud technology), all eyes have been on the American market leader, AWS, to find out what its response to “Cloud” requirements will be. trust / SecNumCloud 3.2” of France and its “Cloud at the Center” plan. The latter requires public bodies, administrations, operators of vital importance and operators of essential services to use European clouds certified SecNumCloud 3.2 for all workloads and critical data.

As a reminder, the new SecNumCloud certification includes a legal component to integrate the notion of “trusted cloud” requiring that the infrastructures be hosted, administered and supported by an entity impervious to extraterritorial laws such as the American Cloud Act.

To comply with this measure of French and European digital sovereignty, the major American hyperscalers have chosen to partner with major European ESNs. The idea is simple: the American cloud giants are adapting their cloud technologies so that they can be deployed and administered by ESNs within the framework of a strategic and technological partnership within a structure governed by French or European law in which they are in the minority.

This is how Microsoft partnered with Orange and Capgemini to create the Blue cloud based on its Office 365 and Azure technologies and Google Cloud partnered with Thalès to create S3NS.



French sovereign clouds: you will be (just) off the mark…

Apparently, AWS and Atos have reached a similar partnership if Le Journal du Net is to be believed. Even if the two companies refuse for the moment to any official comment, AWS remains on its line to announce only services ready to enter the preview phase.

As for Blue and S3NSAtos and AWS would rely on ANSSI to ensure that everything they have been undertaking for several months already is effectively compatible with the SecNumCloud criteria.

ANSSI, Cigref and Cesin are rather positive about these partnerships but remain very vigilant about the data centers that will host the infrastructures of these new entrants as well as the conditions of implementation and operability. They remain aware that these new offers will not solve all the problems of dependencies, particularly vis-à-vis foreign solutions, and continue to call for the rise of purely European IaaS, PaaS and SaaS offers.

In his closing keynote of the Cigref GA last week, its president Jean Claude Laroche recalled that ” Cigref is in no way part of a strategy to exclude American suppliers from the European market. The digital autarky of Europe is a chimera, of course, and we cannot subscribe to this discourse which can very often mask protectionist aims.. He immediately added: however, if the European digital market is to remain open, it must not be open to all winds. This is why we have the requirement to articulate, in particular through regulation, the particular and short-term interest of companies, so that they can benefit from the best solutions in the service of their competitiveness, and the taking taking into account the medium and long-term risks posed to the general interest and the European economy, and particularly to the sensitive data of our companies and public administrations, by our loss of autonomy in terms of digital technologies. »

If the European digital market is to remain open, it must not be open to all winds »

Jean Claude Laroche – President of Cigref

To finally conclude Cigref fervently calls for the emergence of sovereign, French and European offers, capable of competing with those of the best non-European players and meeting the expectations of its members. It is obviously in the interest of our members and it is in the interest of our economy… On this topic of digital trust, I take this opportunity to reiterate to Michel Paulin the availability of Cigref in order to represent users within the sector’s Strategic Committee that the Minister of the Economy, Finance and Industrial Sovereignty and digital, Bruno Le Maire, asked him to prefigure and structure. »

A race against time is now engaged. European players such as OVHcloud, 3DS Outscale or even Scaleway (although not SecNumCloud certified) only have a few months left to manage to offer and impose services as mature as those of American hyperscalers. Afterwards, it will be even more complicated for them to find a place. Remember that while purely European clouds have grown by 167% in five years, their cloud market share in Europe has fallen at the same time from 27% to 13%. Officially, Bleu and S3NS won’t arrive until 2024, but their commercial teams are already in action with waiting solutions like the ” Google Cloud Assured Workloads by Thales “.


European clouds are really not prophets in their country.  Their market shares have been steadily declining for 5 years.  Despite sovereign policies...


European clouds are growing while losing market share

The other big question remains: will these “trusted cloud” offers on American technologies be sufficiently attractive? They will be mechanically more expensive than their (technically identical) versions directly offered by Azure, Google Cloud and AWS. Will companies choose to massively adopt the “trusted” offer or will they be content to use these services only when they have no other legal alternatives? Answers in 2024…

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