Auracast, Bluetooth technology for sharing audio with two people or with thousands of people

Bluetooth is a technology widely used worldwide by all manufacturers, and yet it is not free from defects. For example, it is complicated, if not impossible, to connect several people to a single smartphone to listen to music all together, for example.

The Bluetooth SIG, the consortium responsible for maintaining and developing the wireless protocol, has announced a major change to the next-generation standard, Bluetooth LE Audio (LE for “Low Energy”). The Bluetooth Audio Sharing function has been renamed, it is now called Auracast.

Symbolic and important name change at the same time

It is certainly a symbol, but this change mainly reflects the desire of the Bluetooth SIG to impose this function on the general public. Auracast makes it possible to share your personal Bluetooth connection, it also activates the broadcasting and reception of audio depending on the location.

The principle is to allow a transmitter to broadcast a Bluetooth audio signal to an unlimited number of devices located nearby, simultaneously. This will be particularly useful in a stadium or in a concert hall for example, or during a meeting in an auditorium or in a conference room.

According to a spokesperson for the consortium, the name “Bluetooth Audio Sharing” was ” less efficient to explain the uses of the function, and did not reflect the unlimited number of devices that can connect to the audio signal. ” We hope this name change will help clear up any confusion. “, explains the representative.

In fact, Auracast allows you to share audio with a friend right next to you, like what Apple offers for its AirPods (the manufacturer uses proprietary technology), but also to a very large number of people. users. The SIG will detail the technical specifications in the coming months, but several manufacturers have already shown signs of interest such as Google and XIaomi.

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