Ukraine, high-tech artillery duel

Who will pound the hardest? ©SIPA “It’s a tough fight, gentlemen, but we’ll see who can hit the longest.” So spoke the Duke of Wellington on the afternoon of the Battle of Waterloo, when Napoleon’s cannons were beating his troops. These words come to mind as the war in Ukraine turns into a long artillery … Read more

Should you diversify your real estate investments in the metaverse? 3 key metaverses to discover

Axie Infinity Axie Infinity started out as a blockchain-powered game. It is now a popular metaverse platform. The universe of Asia Infinity has been consolidated into a single virtual nation known as Nursia. This nation is made up of seven types of land or lands different, each with its own level of rarity, geographical position … Read more

How to Delete Spam Notifications on Google Chrome

Dealing with scam notifications can be a pain, especially if your computer constantly receives them. We explain how to block and report these spam messages on Chrome. Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers can be victims of malicious notifications that make users believe that their computer is infected, that it is necessary to download a … Read more

Wave of tech layoffs not overwhelming Alberta

Recruitment is still the number one concern for Calgary tech companies, says vice-president of the innovation center Platform CalgaryJen Lussier. Talent search is problem number one, number two and number threeshe laughs. To convince, she only has to point the finger at the people around her. This new technology business incubator organized a job fair. … Read more