Vaginal odors: what to do?

THE ESSENTIAL Strong vaginal odors are not necessarily due to poor hygiene. They can appear at any age. Do not hesitate to consult in case of doubt. For women who suffer from it, too strong or unusual intimate odors are often a calamity. The shame generated sometimes prevents them from consulting. However, these intimate odors … Read more

How Qubit Pharmaceuticals plans to accelerate new drug discovery with quantum

The arrival, in the next five years, of the quantum computer capable of multiplying the current computing power, could revolutionize many sectors, in particular that of health. And create new world champions, perhaps like Qubit Pharmaceuticals, which announced on June 10 the success of a fundraising of 16 million euros from the funds XAnge, Omnes, … Read more

India revives liquid mirror telescope technology

In partnership with the University of Liège, ARIES an Indian research center dedicated to astronomy, has just commissioned the International Liquid Mirror Telescope (ILMT) at its Devasthal site in the Himalayas.The mirror of 4 meters in diameter of this telescope is in fact a bowl of mercury put in rotation. The combination of gravity and … Read more

Bitcoin on June 14, 2022 – More Turmoil Ahead?

Hemorrhage – The price of Bitcoin (BTC) shakes the $20,000. The life-saving rebounds are slow to come. Point of bullish forecasts, traders and analysts prefer to envisage a dramatic return below … $10,000. This Bitcoin price analysis is brought to you in collaboration with the Traditiong du Coin and its algorithmic trading solution finally accessible … Read more

How to Update Google Earth Maps

Take a virtual vacation and travel the world with Google Earth. Google Earth is an application that allows the user to browse the globe from their desktop. Users can easily zoom in on any part of the world to see it in more detail. Google Earth also has several “layers” that add additional data and … Read more

in France, symptoms, what are they?

A mysterious virus called tomato flu (tomato fever or tomato flu) is believed to have infected more than 80 infants in India, national media reports. This virus, very contagious, would cause round and red pimples. What symptoms? Should we be worried in France? Summary In the month of May 2022, several Indian media alerted to … Read more

what is Web3, honored at Vivatech?

Aurélien Fleurot, edited by Mélanie Faure 07:21, June 15, 2022 On the occasion of the kick-off of the 7th edition of the Vivatech show this Wednesday, zoom in on one of the latest technologies to follow. Web3, the new generation of the web, is on the rise. It notably exploits blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The … Read more