Autologous Immune Cell Therapy, Practiced in Japan, Now Helps Vinmec Hospital Treat Cancer Patients in Hanoi, Vietnam After Technology Transfer by GN Corporation

The Japanese-made hyperthermia system for the benefit of cancer patients is attracting interest from overseas cancer hospitals.

TOKYO, October 03, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The treatment of cancer using its own immune cells, natural killer (NK) cells and T cells, called autologous immune enhancement cell therapy (AIET), which is administered together time that conventional chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, practiced in Japan for a long time, is now offered at Vinmec Hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam, following a transfer of technology by GN Corporation. Cancer patients from neighboring countries are now visiting Vinmec Hospital to get this treatment. Autologous immune cell therapy, regulated by the Regenerative Medicine Law in Japan, uses autologous immune cells grown in the laboratory, without animal proteins or genetic manipulation.

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NK cells and T-cells in vitro culture method, without feeder cells or animal serum or genetic manipulation, for immune-cell therapy to cancer patients developed and practiced in Japan was tech-transferred to Vinmec Hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam, which was accomplished in phases viz., (i) Cell processing facility infrastructure and equipment advisory, (ii) Training of biotechnologists from Vietnam in Japan, (iii) On-site, technical support in Vinmec hospital lab by Japanese experts (iv) Educational seminars to physicians, oncologists and (v) Interaction with regulatory authority in Japan, the PMDA and MHLW; spearheaded by GNC Japan. Immune-cell therapy with Thermotron RF8-EX radiofrequency hyperthermia, when added to conventional cancer treatment, yields increase in survival of cancer patients. These safety proven treatments practiced for long in Japan to manage most of the solid tumors are of interest to many cancer hospitals overseas to add them to their existing oncology services. (Graphic: BusinessWire)

Advantages of AIET and hyperthermia: While the increased survival rate in cancer patients is reported by adding immune cell therapy to the conventional treatment regimen, the hyperthermia system developed in Japan further improves cancer treatment outcomes, as it targets cancer cells, which are vulnerable to a higher temperature of 42 degrees Celsius. To spread these complementary cancer treatments to overseas hospitals, GNC Japan is collaborating with Yamamoto Vinita, manufacturer of Thermotron, the first hyperthermia equipment to treat malignant tumors approved in Japan and installed in more than 300 hospitals in six countries so far. The latest version of the Thermotron-RF8-EX is a self-contained system with 8 MHz radio frequency, uses combinations of different sized electrodes to treat superficial and deep solid tumors all over the body except the eyes and brain .

Features of the Thermotron RF8-EX:

Japanese hospitals offering these cancer therapies receive foreign patients to administer the treatment. Recently, overseas cancer hospitals have begun to show interest in adding these two therapies to their existing cancer treatment systems in clinical oncology departments.

The success of GN Corporation, which adds value to Japanese technologies through interdisciplinary interaction, designs new healthcare solutions and expands globally, has been highlighted by the Japanese government on the official YouTube channel of the Office of the Prime Minister of Japanon the JETRO portal Invest in Japan and in a report sponsored by the government of Japan on Bloomberg.

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