Avatar 3D glasses “are the best in the world” and are made in Brittany

150,000 of her 3D glasses are in circulation worldwide and are used for every session of the new avatar in 3D. James Cameron trusted the technology of the small company Eyes3Shut near Brest. A successful success story.

“With the revival of high-end 3D, our company has regained its colors” smiled Jean-Louis de Bougrenet. The specialist in the world of optics is the scientific director of the company that developed the 3D glasses used for Avatar 2.

“After years of obscurity, 3D is coming back strong. Big movies and big cinemas want high-end 3D. We’re the only ones in this cutting-edge market.” he explains.

The company of Jean-Louis de Bougrenet and Renaud van Lith has specialized in so-called active 3D glasses. Unlike the glasses that were used in 2009 during the big 3D boom. “At that time, a cinema giant pushed through a savings model with glasses for 1 euro. All the multiplexes were equipped with this product, which didn’t offer very immersive 3D.”

The 3D glasses company, based at the head of Finistère, positioned itself back then on the concept of so-called “active” glasses, because it is the liquid crystals in the glasses that allow the eye to see 3D.

With our glasses, the feeling of immersion is much stronger. Liquid crystals enable high fluidity when visualizing 3D“. The scientific director of the company Eye Triple Shut recognizes the correct alignment of the stars for the benefit of his company.

“Around 2012, 3D experienced a very significant decline. A real crossing of the desert. Movies had abandoned that technology and so had cinemas.” breathes the Breton scientist.

Many companies in this market are disappearing. The Breton company has to lay off most of its workforce, but survives thanks to its cutting-edge know-how.

“Our contracts with places like Futuroscope, Océanopolis or Disney have allowed us to continue and now we are the last in the high-end 3D market.” testifies Jean-Louis de Bougrenet. The law of the market is clear. After a period of businesses closing, whoever stands up when the market picks up wins.

And the lucky star for the Breton company in 3D glasses his name is James Cameron. “We’re fortunate that the director of Avatar is technically savvy and very demanding on the quality of immersion.” Her high-end solution caught the eye of the director of two of the top three box office hits, Avatar and Titanic.

James Cameron was able to enforce his choice of 3D glasses Active ingredients conceived and assembled in Brittany. And this choice of one of the most influential directors in the world has created a new dynamic.

The large multiplexes are equipped with our glasses. They choose to rent our products from us for their rooms. They even equip themselves with new screens suitable for high-definition 3D projection.

“The future of 3D will be active glasses, that’s for sure” breathes Jean-Louis de Bougrenet, “especially with the introduction of the latest cinema format HFR, High Frame Rate”. A technology that requires a high frame rate and which Breton 3D glasses cope with perfectly. “Our solution is stabilized” concluded the optical researcher, who received the main prize of the Academy of Sciences in 2022.

More than 150,000 Breton 3D glasses are in use worldwide, the small company has become the European market leader.”and at this rate we will be world leaders‘ laughs Jean-Louis de Bougrenet.

To see the sea monsters and hyper-realistic scenes of Avatar “The Way of Water” in 3D, we have a small group of enthusiasts in Plouzané to thank. “I would never have set up my company in Paris, I’m Breton and we can do anything here.”

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