AWS, Azure and Google engulf the cloud in France

The public cloud market in France is overwhelmingly controlled by the three American giants, AWS, Azure and Google, whose market shares are even tending to increase. The European and French players only keep crumbs.

Public cloud sovereignty in France is far, very far. A recent report by Markess by Exaegis, a firm specializing in French digital markets, specifically analyzes the cloud market in France.

AWS, Azure and Google control 71% of the public cloud market in France…

And the result is edifying. The three US giants in the sector, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud indeed control 71% of the infrastructure (IaaS) and public cloud platforms (PaaS) market in 2021. AWS is largely in the lead , with 46% market share, followed by Azure (17%) and Google Cloud (8%). “Rarely has a digital market been so concentrated”, Markess point.

Other suppliers are forced to focus on “specific segments (cybersecurity, application platforms, sovereign cloud or even hybrid and multicloud cloud management)”according to Markess.

The European and particularly French players (OVHcloud, Orange Business Services, Scaleway, 3D Outscale) essentially exist thanks to their sovereign offers, which respect European standards and the SecNumCloud doctrine put in place by the government last year.

… and 80% growth!

But this market, if it concerns companies, administrations and critical services, remains microscopic compared to that of large companies, SMEs and individuals.

Moreover, AWS, Azure and Google have captured 80% of the growth of the public cloud in France in 2021. That is to say that they have strengthened their position. The overall market growth was 35%. Azure’s is +53%, Google Cloud’s is +48%, and AWS’s is 36%.

What’s more, each of the three giants invests more massively each year than the entire European ecosystem, leaving little future for a dominant European public cloud, even in the medium term.

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