Axalta offers bodybuilders better control of their energy consumption

Starting from the observation that the paint booth is unquestionably the most energy-intensive piece of equipment in the vehicle repair process, it is essential to precisely target its mode of use to detect the stages that consume the most energy.

To help professionals in this study, the paint manufacturer has created a specific tool, available on the market today and specially designed for this purpose. L’Axalta Energy Scanner examines a series of variables, including outside air temperature, paint booth temperature, baking temperature if applicable, cost of gas and electricity, number of repairs per week, as well as general data of the paint cabin. The tool then calculates how much the refinisher can save in processing time, and how much money he can save on his energy consumption. Energy Scanner compares the cycle cost of the refinisher’s current paint system to the cycle cost of Fast Cure Low Energy technology (FCLE) of Axalta if he used it in this case. This makes it possible to highlight the possibilities of growth of the bodybuilder’s activity but also the drastic reductions in terms of energy to which he would have access.

Remember that FCLE technology offers the optimal balance between drying speed and low energy consumption without having to give up a high quality finish. It is proven to reduce the energy costs of using a direct gas-fired combination paint booth by approximately 75%, based on a typical drying cycle of 30 minutes to 60 °C.

The results of the Energy Scanner cannot be ignored by bodybuilders faced with soaring energy prices. The balance sheet is final : why waste money on drying ? Our FCLE technology enables collision repairers to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint, and is the most sustainable automotive repair system on the market said Jim Muse, Axalta Refinish Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA region).

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