Banque Zitouna succeeds with its GO-LIVE of the Release T24 R20 TAFJ of Temenos and acquires a new platform at the cutting edge of technology

As part of its 20-24 Strategic Sheet and as part of the Digital Transformation axis, which aims to provide the bank with a modern, efficient and resilient information system, Banque Zitouna succeeded, on Monday 06 June 2022, the GO LIVE of its strategic project to migrate its IS, and thus switch to the brand new release of T24 R20 TAFJ.

This major corporate project, which began in 2020, consists of modernizing the entire technical architecture with a view to setting up a new, even more efficient platform, at the cutting edge of technology and in line with good governance practices, IT norms and standards.

This Migration affected nearly 2,500 Business Processes and practically all banking activity, in particular: Commercial, Abroad, Financing, Accounting, Means of Payment, Treasury and Electronic Banking. The deployment of this new version was successfully completed after extensive dress rehearsal work involving all the Bank’s trades.

Through this migration, the bank has acquired a new system architecture offering it a technological advance that would allow it to:

  • Expand the offer of digital products and services for the benefit of Retail and Corporate customers,
  • Boost the bank’s responsiveness to the new needs of its customers by improving the “Time to Market”,
  • Reinforce the high availability of the system, for the benefit of a connected and digital customer experience,
  • Prepare for the adoption of new international norms and standards, in this case in terms of IFRS, rating and risk governance,
  • Prioritize openness to the ecosystem and national payment, e-commerce and e-business platforms in accordance with open-banking requirements,

This achievement also testifies to the bank’s ability to carry out major projects successfully, supported by an ingrained culture for agility and project management. Certainly this is thanks to the wealth of its human capital, capable of meeting the challenges and challenges since the start of the bank in 2010. This Migration is a first in Tunisia or even on the African scale, in terms of adoption of new technologies, in this case those of Temenos.

Banque Zitouna confirms, thus, its strategic orientation to be a Bank Leader on all levels and in the continuous search for development and innovation, in order to follow the most recent technological trends, and able to make technology a lever for its development plan and its sustainability.

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