Bayonetta 3 is dynamic 810p docked and dynamic 480p portable, I love the game but not the tech.

The long-awaited Bayonetta 3 is finally available on the Nintendo Switch and it’s another great game from Platinum Games. Digital Foundry played around with the finished game and while they love the game they’re pretty unimpressed from a technical standpoint, even going so far as to say they feel like the game was made for a more powerful Nintendo Switch system that simply never materialized. The game’s resolution runs at dynamic 810p when played on TV and dynamic 480p when played in handheld mode, which means both modes are sub-HD. Here are some excerpts from the full article that you can read here.

“Let me clarify – Bayonetta 3 is a fantastic action game and one that should satisfy fans of the series. Its explosive sets, varied set design and wildly out of control storytelling all work in tandem to create something unique and special. However, the game also reveals an aging technology base that is crumbling under the weight of its scope and scale. It’s a game where it feels like the entire production is looking for more powerful hardware that never happened.

“Textures are often low resolution and muddy looking, image quality is poor, and performance is remarkably choppy. It fares worse than every other Bayonetta release except the PS3 version of Bayonetta 1 – and that’s a bummer. I guess the best way to describe the presentation is simply – inconsistent. The visuals range from beautiful to downright ugly depending on which chapter you’re in.

“Overall image quality is also quite limited – the series isn’t exactly known for its high resolutions. Bayonetta 2, in fact, was limited to 720p even on Switch. Bayonetta 3 improves on this slightly with an increase in pixel count to 810p. Handheld mode drops below 720p, however, unlike previous games – the pixel count suggested a resolution just below 480p, so it’s not exactly sharp either. I can forgive that given the target frame rate, but the low pixel count, large environments, and low-quality texture filtering aren’t exactly a great couple.

“My feeling is that Bayonetta 3 is a solid action game with impressive settings let down by disappointing visuals and slight camera issues. As long as the frame rate is solid, it would be easy to look past the presentation issues but, alas, the reality isn’t quite what I had hoped for. Cutscenes do indeed retain the 30fps target, as you’d hope, so nothing’s wrong there. Surprisingly, for larger sets, the actual gameplay is also updated to 30fps – clearly the scale of these scenes made 60fps impossible, so they’re just capped instead. It’s understandable, but standard gameplay rarely hits the 60fps threshold and that’s a real problem.


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