Become the entertainment leader in the metaverse

The metaverse offers new perspectives to many sectors, and in particular to the entertainment sector. BroadwayMeta innovates by offering totally immersive shows, for a unique experience. Selim Saifi, CEO, tells us about it.

What is BroadwayMeta’s mission?

BroadwayMeta is first of all immersive, original shows, created only for the metaverse. The spectator experience has been completely redesigned. Today, our traditional shows are in very large halls where the public faces the artists. In our metaverse shows, the spectator is immersed in the heart of the show thanks to technologies such as VR headsets and 360 cameras, with a scenography designed to have the most immersive experience possible. In addition, the public will be able to choose their own programming. BroadwayMeta will also give investors the opportunity to become producers of shows in the metaverse and thus receive revenue from our shows thanks to blockchain technology.

How will the metaverse change the viewer experience?

We are not looking to replace the live experience but to complement it. We want to enrich it. You can, for example, see your favorite artist perform in your living room and from different angles. An incredible and unthinkable experience until then. It’s not about filming our live shows, our solution allows us to design shows in total immersion. In addition, we are working on the subject of inclusion with the associative world. During our show Jurassic World in Paris, we invite sick children (“Cékedubonheur” association, Omar Sy). Thanks to the metaverse, we will be able to bring the show to hospitals, to audiences who are isolated or unable to move.

You want to humanize the metaverse, what does that look like?

The metaverse has the image of a technology that isolates, because of the helmets. Our goal is to connect people, and make them live together new experiences even when they are on the other side of the world. There is also often the fear that technology will replace the human in the workplace. This is a recurring fear in the event of a technological breakthrough, but it will create thousands of jobs in the years to come. Our mission is to put technology at the service of the artistic, and the human.

What are your next phases of development?

We had a long development phase in order to experiment with different technologies (virtual and augmented reality, 360 cameras, 4 dimensions, etc.). We are now ready to deploy operations. This is why we set up fundraising via blockchain (ICO). We already have institutional investors ready to join the adventure. In particular, this allowed us to finance development. We will now launch the public phase where we will allow everyone to participate in the project and become co-producers. With the funds raised during the ICO, we will create new, magical shows in a promising ecosystem. The world of tomorrow is being written…

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