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Due to its geopolitical context, cybersecurity is a priority for the Israeli state and its defence.

A proactive policy has been implemented under the authority of the Prime Minister by the INCD, the Israel National Cyber ​​Directorate, responsible for protecting Israel’s national infrastructure from cyberattacks and strengthening Israel’s global position in the sector.

The CyberSpark, launched by the INCD and the city of Beersheva, in the south of the country, has thus acquired international renown as an oasis of cyber-technology. (

MOST. Internet comes from the Greek word Kubernetike meaning “rudder”. This prefix is ​​present in particular in cybernetics, cyberspace, cybertext…

Defence, security and geopolitics.

The term cyber covers all activities related to the offensive use of cyberspace:

  • Cybersecurity: hacking actions (hacking) and how to protect against it.
  • Cyber ​​defense: the use of hacking (hacking) for military purposes and the means to protect against them.
  • Cyber ​​espionage: the use of computer hacking (hacking) for economic, technological, political or military intelligence purposes.
  • Cybersurveillance: actions taken by a state to monitor its population by digital means (for example: face recognition, or the social credit system in China) and where by internet and social media censorship.
  • The offensive manipulation of social networks (weaponization of social media): the use of social networks for the purpose of political influence through the massive dissemination of infox (fake news) or compromising confidential information (doxing). This distribution can additionally be targeted, using data analysis algorithms characterizing the profiles of the recipients (for example: Cambridge Analytica).
  • Cyberwar: confrontation between several States, using means cyber as previously defined.
  • Cybercrime, Cybercrime: crime constituting a criminal offense likely to be committed on or by means of a computer system generally connected to a network”.
  • Cyberprostitution: prostitution using the internet to develop.

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