Bianchi Oltre RC, the aerovolutionary bike thanks to Air Deflector technology

With the new Oltre range, Bianchi Reparto Corse reinvents and goes beyond the concept of aerodynamic bikes by presenting the first “Hyperbike”: the Oltre RC.

The perfect symbiosis of the athlete-bike set desired during the development, guarantees the extreme performance of the Oltre RC, in particular thanks to the Air Deflector technology and an innovative aerodynamic cockpit… but which all the same is very reminiscent of what Cervélo offers on its S5. The new Oltre collection marks the first frame/component platform entirely designed by Bianchi.

Because the Oltre also inaugurates wheels and a Reparto Corse saddle, everything for performance!

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“It’s time for Aerovolution. Bianchi rewrites the concept of high-performance aero bikes with the launch of the Oltre platform, led by the Oltre RC hyperbike and complemented by the Oltre Pro and Oltre models.”

An entire program ! While in recent years bikes 100% dedicated to speed have tended to disappear in favor of more versatile bikes, Bianchi is reviving these super aero bikes where every detail is worked on to gain speed. This is evidenced by the closed thru-axle ends and the very sharp profile of the fork.

Born from the research and development of Bianchi Reparto Corse, the Oltre RC is a revolution in terms of design and engineering, whose objective is to master and actively exploit the flow of air thanks to the ingenuity of a perfectly integrated bike-athlete and frame-component system. The Oltre is a revolutionary approach to design, crystallized by the introduction of Bianchi’s Air Deflector technology.

Fabrizio Scalzott, CEO of Bianchi

The Bianchi Oltre RC sets a new technological standard in the world of cycling. With Oltre, we started from scratch to create an unprecedented aero bike. This is a project developed by our Race department which marks a turning point for the brand. The new Oltre family represents the first complete frame/component platform designed and manufactured entirely by Bianchi: from the frame to the handlebar system, including wheels, hubs and saddles.

Bianchi has designed and integrated air deflectors (patent pending) on ​​the sides of the steering column, thus channeling the airflow and creating a low pressure zone at the rear of the tube. Deflectors whose origin is drawn from Formula 1.

The action of the deflectors complements the performance of the new aerodynamic cockpit, which generates low-pressure air vortices, directed towards the legs of the athlete in motion, through a perforation located in their center.

The result is a “significant” reduction in the aerodynamic resistance of the athlete-bike combination, as certified by the tests carried out in the wind tunnel. In short, the results proved higher speed with less effort.

Much like the front wing of an F1 car, as one of the first surfaces to interact with the airflow, the air deflectors would play a pivotal role which dictated the rest of the shape to Bianchi. of the frame. So the top tube features a distinctive silhouette that aligns with the air deflectors, with the tubes widening at the junctions of the head tube and seat tube.

The diagonal tube also has a particular profile, in connection with these deflectors, as well as a cutout to allow even the largest 30 mm tires to pass perfectly.

The seatstays are lowered and feature relatively massive shoulders where they join the seat tube. A seat tube that perfectly hugs the wheel from the bottom bracket to the seatstays.

Compared to the previous model, the Oltre XR4, the Oltre RC saves 17 watts at a speed of 50 km/h and gains 45 seconds over a distance of 40 km with a power of 250 watts/hour. In variable wind conditions, the advantage over the best aero bikes on the market increases by 30%, which guarantees extreme performance even in the event of a sudden change in the direction of the wind.

The Oltre RC allows you to mount tires up to 30 mm in section. Bianchi announces a weight of 915 grams for the Oltre RC frame in RC size and 420 grams for the fork.

The Oltre Pro is advertised at 965g (430g for the fork) and the Oltre is 995g + 390g for the fork. The latter Oltre does not benefit from Countervail technology unlike the Oltre RC and Oltre Pro.

Reparto Corse Components

Every detail of the frame/component assembly of the Oltre RC has been studied by the Racing department to achieve the highest level of performance. It is meticulous and relentless research that has enabled Bianchi to design and produce unique components, developed by a dedicated team of experts.

The Reparto Corse RC50 and RC65 tubeless ready wheelset was developed according to four principles: stiffness, fluidity, weight and design. These new wheels, which feature a 3K carbon finish, are stiff, extremely responsive and weigh only 1540 grams (per pair) while their smoothness is guaranteed by SPB Tech | Super Precision Bearings Technology with SKF bearings.

They offer a profile of 50 and 65 mm as well as an internal width of 21 mm.

In addition to the wheels, the RC139 carbon air saddle has padding developed using 3D technology and has a weight of only 168 grams, which allows the athlete to hold an aerodynamic position even over long distances, while maintaining its comfort and ergonomics.

The OLTRE range

The Oltre range consists of three models. The new Bianchi Oltre, Oltre Pro and Oltre RC will be available from the Bianchi network from November 2022.


New top-of-the-range model from Bianchi’s streamlined collection, the Oltre RC, has been designed for the most extreme athletes in search of maximum speed. The Oltre RC introduces the concept of the hyperbike. Created for World Tour races and professionals, the Oltre RC (6.850kg in size 55, +/- 5%) masters airflow, reducing aerodynamic resistance and increasing the speed of the whole bike- athlete.

This result is achieved thanks to the unique “Air Deflector” technology which works together with the new aerodynamic handlebar, to offer unprecedented performance. The Oltre RC is equipped with the new RC50 SPBTech and RC65 SPBTech tubeless ready wheels (50 mm front profile and 65 mm rear profile) and has the RC139 Carbon air saddle (with 3D technology). These high-performance components were designed and produced by Bianchi Reparto Corse. The Oltre RC is available in six sizes and three different colors, all with visible carbon and ultralight paint: anthracite with Celeste inserts, anthracite with white inserts, and anthracite with iridescent purple inserts.

It is available with the following assemblies:

Price from 13800 €.


The Oltre Pro shares the same construction principles as the higher end RC model and features Air Deflector technology and a new aero handlebar. On the other hand, it uses a less exclusive carbon fiber.

The frame incorporates the Bianchi CV carbon fiber vibration cancellation system, which increases ride comfort for less extreme riders. Equipped with Reparto Corse components, the Oltre Pro features the RC139 Carbon saddle and a set of RC50 tubeless ready wheels (50mm profile front and rear). Available in six sizes and three different colors (Charcoal with Celeste inserts, Charcoal with White inserts, and Charcoal with Black inserts).


The Oltre represents the gateway to Bianchi’s young aerodynamic line. Derived from the higher Pro and RC versions, the Oltre model is designed for a wider range of riders who also seek the thrill of speed. The Oltre’s full carbon frame and fork deliver high performance on stiffness and responsiveness. The Oltre model is equipped with new Velomann components: aero handlebars and stem, V50R wheels (50mm profile front and rear) and Mitora saddle. Available in six sizes.

The Oltre is available in three colors (Celeste, white and dark metallic grey) for a recommended retail price from €5,400.

It is available with the following assemblies:


To make the new Oltre as close to the user as possible, Bianchi has developed a 3D digital communication space using virtual and augmented reality.

In addition to the experience available on, a special filter will be available from Thursday October 20 on all Bianchi social networks (Instagram, TikTok and Facebook). Each enthusiast will be able to experience the sensation of seeing and almost “touching” the new Oltre RC through this “multi-channel” online experience, which will bring the user closer to reality.

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