Big data centers… an essential technology despite their excessive energy consumption

The energy efficiency of data centers or big data centers, which companies and administrations use to organize, process and store large quantities of data and data, is the new challenge for the performance of this technology, which is necessary despite its consumption. excessive energy. In this approach, companies and administrations of tomorrow rely heavily on applications, services and data in data centers, making it an essential and indispensable part of their daily activities.
In this regard, the victory of Boutaleb Al-Jouti, director of energy solutions for a large international company that provides solutions in the information and communication technology sector, headquartered in Casablanca, underlined in a declaration to M24, the MAP news channel that every company, industry or administration needs data centers that store equipment. Computer science, noting that this digitized device is connected to communications networks or access networks that are of great importance.
He said: “The concern for having secure data centers underlines the importance of this data and the data that will allow servers and technological means to operate in a specific and specific temperature and humidity. »
Al-Jouti, a specialist in the environment and the location of data centers, explained that the question of the data center and energy efficiency is acute, as long as this basic technology is energy-intensive, adding that the consumption total data center space has increased by 3% globally, and this percentage will increase to 13% by 2030.
He pointed out that this is an industry characterized by excessive energy consumption, so the whole world is looking for innovative solutions that can reduce the energy consumption of data centers.
He pointed out that the innovative solutions will cover the precision aspect of air conditioning, which accounts for 70% of typical data center consumption.
According to Al-Jouti, in the field of air conditioning in particular, the solution currently available is the use of outside air and ambient air to air-condition the data center (Free Cooling).
The free cooling method, he adds, requires the use of a temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the infrastructure to power the cooling system.
In this context, Al-Jouti estimated that in an environment where the temperature is below 24 degrees for a few hours of the day, part of this air is used to air-condition data centers for free instead of using mechanical solutions. . He pointed out that this technique is used in several cities in Morocco, with the exception of some cities that are printed very hot, noting that in the cities bordering the coast, the temperature in the evening is below 24 degrees and can reach for a certain time period of the year from 5 to 19 or 20 degrees.
Regarding temperature, Al-Jouti confirmed that there is a way to use 10-100% free cooling at these data centers.
It should be noted that digital solutions related to data centers will undoubtedly contribute to achieving energy efficiency, while the main bet remains the use of innovation and artificial intelligence to find solutions respectful of the environment. ‘environment.

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