Bitcoin: “a fool detector” according to Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

Insult is all they have left – Given the incredible adoption of Bitcoin, invented just 14 years ago by Satoshi Nakamoto, pass his critics reviews mocking insults open minded. This applies in particular to Nassim Nicholas Talebwhich now handles bitcoin users “Fool”.

Bitcoin: Mixture of “tumor” and “conspiracy marker”?

After called bitcoin a “tumor” in September 2022, Nassim Nicholas Taleb is again on the attack against the king of cryptocurrencies in early January 2023.

It is during a interview with the express that the author of ” The black swan (The Black Swan) was able to express all his undisguised hatred of Bitcoin. And a incredible mix where it is grouped and qualified “conspirator” all those who dare not think “well”, like him.

” [Sur Twitter], we are dealing with a so-called “cluster” that brings together cryptocurrency fans, Covid-19 skeptics, climate skeptics, pro-Putin and radical carnivores. Many are delusional conspiracy theorists but naive to the core. I’m not kidding, these people connect and share the same opinions on seemingly distant subjects. (…)”

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Critical Thinking and Divergent Visions: Crimes for Nassim Nicholas Taleb?

Although the book “Great Reboot” from Klaus Schwab was released in the summer of 2020, Nassim Nicholas Taleb is complying with this wish radical changes would not exist in human society among the global elites. Good news, from January 16, 2023 you can watch it and enjoy counting the number of executives who hurry Davos Forum of the World Economic Forum (WEF), of which Mr. Schwab is the main organiser.

“We can note a widespread lunacy: for example, this cluster is convinced that we are victims of a ‘Great Reset’ conspiracy. (…) And you may not know anything about Bitcoin, but since it is part of the cluster, adopt it with the rest! You know, by repeating nonsense, idiots end up believing it. »

You are a bitcoin/crypto sympathizer against fiat currencies inflation ? Or do you mean that the Covid restrictions might have been (even if only partial). disproportionate and counterproductive? Or you think it is difficult to judge the exact influence of humans on global warming? Maybe you think so Kindergarten Manichaeism between naughty, child-eating Russians and innocent Ukrainian saints is overkill? Or maybe you like good meat and are upset to see it vandalism of butchers by vegan extremists?

Even if you don’t even think only one things above: you think wrong, and be part of the big family of “conspirators”. At least according to Nassim Nicholas Taleb, who undoubtedly carries the absolutely true truth within him. In short, if you dare to demonstrate a critical mind, and always question what you are told, go your way. Because Mr. Taleb definitely isn’t not the same man anymore than the one who wrote the prologue of “The Bitcoin Standard”.

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